Lorie Tucker
Lorie Tucker has been coaching multi-sport athletes since 2009. She has coaching certifications with USA Triathon, USA Cycling, and US Masters Swimming and also actively trains and competes in a variety of endurance events. Lorie is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She began her journey into the triathlon world over 10 years ago and has completed numerous multi-sport events , including 5 full Ironman distance triathlons. She was a member of the Southwest Board of Directors for USAT and is also a founding board member of the Phoenix Marathon. Helping others dream big and reach their athletic goals is Lorie‚Äôs passion and commitment. As a mother of four, she knows what it takes to find that balance of family life and athletic pursuits to help mold a well-rounded, happier athlete. She takes the guess work out of the complicated workout schedules of a triathlete, molding a more time-efficient plan that brings out the best of any athlete, regardless of their competitive interests.